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Fourth Grade
There are times during the day when students might benefit from enhancing or reinforcing curriculum skills independently.  Students may use these sites in lieu of classroom work already mastered. Sites include resources, tools, practice games and research links.

*indicates district objective

ALERT! These links will take you to sites outside the Nieman EL site. Nieman Enhanced Learning Center and the Shawnee Mission School District are not responsible for material linked to outside websites.   Students need to understand that conflicting information may be found on the Internet.  Teachers should visit all sites to make sure that they are appropriate for grade level learners in content and readability.

TEACHERS: If you find sites that you would like added to or removed from these lists just email

Reading and Language Arts

Online Magazines Online Books, Stories and Poetry Author's Sites Writing
Science and Health Social Studies Mathematics Math Extras Math "Games"
Science Extras Museums Fun Sites Manipulatives

Reading and Language Arts
*Expand Vocabulary

Level 1 Vocabulary
Read the instructions carefully and fill in the correct words.  There are several different activities you can do.  Print and turn into your teacher after you finish an activity.

Wizard Words
Holiday Traditions
School Vocabulary Calendar

Language Arts Activities   After you choose the activity you want to do you will be asked to register.   Click on the button that says "Maybe Later". Choose an activity that is at you grade level or higher. Try Punctuation Paintball, Rocket Word Tag, Supernova Sentence Structures, and Alien Word Mine.

Grammar Gorillas
Paint by Idioms
The Plural Girls
Word Confusion
Rooting Out Words
Prefix Catch
Fake Out!  

Online Magazines
*Read fluently at grade level
*Read self-selected materials
*Apply reading strategies

National Geographic Explorer
Time Magazine for Kids
Sports Illustrated for Kids
Consumer Reports 4 Kids
Scholastic News
Science News for Kids

Online Books, Stories and Poems
Winged Sandals
Myth Web
The Adventures of Banph
Bunyips: Aboriginal Stories from Australia  
Fletcher Hill Stories
Giggle Poetry
Brothers Grimm
Kid's Mysteries
Peetnik Mysteries
Famous People Read Stories

Author's Sites
Judy Blume's Home Base
Brian Jacques Official Site
Harry Potter Homepage
Roald Dahl
Lemony Snicket 

*Apply the writing process
*Use different modes of writing for different purposes
*Use characteristics of all six traits writing

Paragraph Punch   Use this interactive application to practice writing a good paragraph.
Essay Punch Use this interactive application to practice writing a good essay. 
Creative Writing for Kids
Creative Writing Prompts
Writing the Journey
Stationary for Your Writing

*Use and interpret graphs, charts and tables

Tables and Graphs
Create A Graph
Using Data and Statistics  
Graph Activities

Science and Health

*Plan and conduct controlled experiments to test hypotheses

Science Fair Central
SciFair. Org

All Science Fair Projects

*Collect and record data using metric measurements

Fact Monster
Measurement Quizzes
Measurement Games

*Summarize information on graphs, charts, and diagrams

Tables and Graphs
Create A Graph
Using Data and Statistics 
Graph Activities

*Invent a product to solve a problem

The Lemelson Center
Invention Dimension
Inventor’s Hall of Fame
The History of Inventions
Patent Office for Kids

*Describe the causes of climate, seasons and length of days

EPA for Kids
Cool Kids for a Cool Climate
World Almanac for Kids

*Describe how weather patterns are used to make predictions

Web Weather for Kids
National Weather Service for Kids
Kid’s Hazards Quiz
Dan’s Wild Wild Weather Page
Weather Laboratory
Owlie Skywarn’s Weather Book (print)

*Describe changes in the earth’s surface
*Explain the causes of volcanoes and earthquakes  

Changes in the Earth’s Surface
USGS Earthquakes for Kids
The Tech Earthquakes
Life Along the Fault line
Can We Predict Volcano Eruptions?
Landforms and Bodies of Water Illustrated Glossary

*Discuss plate tectonics

All About Plate Tectonics
On the Move
Plate Tectonics Animations

*Illustrate the properties and distributions of earth’s water

Oceans Alive
Oceans from Enchanted Learning
Planet Ocean

*Demonstrate the size and distance from the sun to the planets

The Sun
Exactly How Big Is the Sun?

*Understand the effects of gravity

Gravity Basics 
What Goes Up Must Come Down
Your Weight on Other Worlds

*Construct a Simple Circuit

The Blobz Guide to Electrical Circuits
Edison's Miracle of Light
Learn About Electricity
Understanding Electricity

Science Extras
Science Mysteries
The NASA Science Files

NASA Space Place


Cloud Clues

National Geographic for Kids

Try Science

Sim Science


Particle Adventure
Acme Virtual Detective Agency
Cool Science for Curious Kids
Sports Science
The Atoms Family

Social Studies

*Explore the cultural elements of Native Americans of North America

American Indians and the Natural World
First Nations Histories
Native American Shelters 
American Indian Biographies
Indian Battles. Movements and Events
Native American Food and Recipes
Native North America

*Describe the cultural elements of the regions of the United States
*Identify and locate the regions of the United States
*Identify the 50 states and corresponding capitals

Regions Maps, Quizzes
US Regions
States Games
50 States

*Participate in a study of Kansas

Kansas Fact Sheets
Kansas Info
Kansas Government
Famous Kansans
States (and Capitals) Practice
The Frontier House
Lewis and Clark
How to do Old time Stuff


*Memorize multiplication and division fact from 0x0 to 12x12

Quick Flash
Batter’s Up Baseball
Timed Flashcards
Practice Multiplication Facts

*Translate any word problem into an equation involving one of four operations

Solving Math Word Problems
Word Problems
Math Cats (choose Alley Cat, Leopard or Tiger)
Disaster Math

*Express and interpret decimal values to thousandths

Fourth Grade Decimals
Place Values of Decimals
Frog Palace
Decimal Multiplication Football

*Show the process of multiplication and division of whole numbers

Dividing four digits by two digits
Math Baseball
Multiplication Games

*Multiply (three-digit by three-digit) and divide (divisors of two digit) whole numbers

Multiplication Practice

*Apply a variety of strategies to solve problems including guess and check, deductive reasoning, and tree diagrams

Aunty Math
Brain Binders
Math Plane and Simple
Quest for the Bridge
Problem Solving from the Franklin Institute
Mystery Master

*Measure length to the nearest half and fourth inch, capacity to the nearest half and fourth cup, and weight to the nearest ounce or pound

Measure It!
US Length Measurement

*Know basic measurement equivalencies: inches, feet, yards, miles, ounces, pounds, tons, cups, pints, quarts, and gallons

Fact Monster
Measurement Quizzes
Measurement Games

* Organize given data in a chart or graph

Tables and Graphs
Create A Graph
Using Data and Statistics  
Graph Activities

*Use the concepts of probability to make decisions and predictions and justify them

Mrs. MathGoodies Probability
Certain and Impossible Events
Kid's Dice Page
Fish Tank
Stick or Switch?  

Pattern Blocks


Online Paint by Number
Japanese Crosswords
Paint by Number

Math Extras
Who Wants Pizza?
Consumer Math
Interactive Manipulatives

Math "Games”
Cool Math
Simon Says
Metropolis: Game of Percent, Decimals and Fractions
Interactive Games
Magnetic Numbers


American Museum of Natural History 
The Field Museum
Boston Museum of Science


Fun Sites

How Stuff Works

Digital Films
City Creator
Brain Pop videos

Yuckiest Site on the Internet
Art Attacks

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