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Rubric for Higher Order Thinking Evaluation

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Level One Level Two Level Three
KNOWLEDGE Limited amount of information is recalled; answer is incomplete Sufficient amount of facts are recalled; answer is complete and acceptable Numerous facts and details are recalled; answer is thorough
COMPREHENSION Brief explanation of content; little or no evidence to support Overall understanding of content; implied content/issues not addressed An interrelated, holistic interpretation of literal and implied content given; uses examples and illustrations to support
APPLICATION Solution has none or a limited number of elements to support; solution is not workable Workable solution is supported by an adequate number of generalizations and principles Solution has a "new slant"; supports solution with an abundant amount of facts and details
ANALYSIS Solution shows minimal classification of elements; no relation between elements and their relation and structure to each other Solution demonstrates the relation and structure between elements; recognizes patterns; rationally supported Solution classifies elements, their relationship to each other while identifying the arrangement and structure connecting them in a rational and persuasive way
SYNTHESIS Solution lacks self-expression; some important elements excluded; solution not workable; not clearly communicated Workable solution is new and includes essential elements; adequately communicated solution to appropriate audience; demonstrates self-expression Workable solution which is new and includes all parts; demonstrates unique self-expression; communication is directed to a specific audience in a unique and highly effective manner
EVALUATION Judgments have little or no support Judgments are on both cognitive and effective levels; based on given criteria or selected remembered criteria Judgments are based on a variety of facets at both the cognitive and effective levels

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This rubric is from  "Effective Practices for Gifted Education in Kansas" manual.  You will be able to access the document in its entirety at the Kansas State Department of Education (Handbook is out of date and is no longer available online)

Permission granted for use by Bruce Passman, State Director, Kansas State Department of Education 120 S.E. 10th Avenue, Topeka, Kansas 66612

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