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Third Grade
There are times during the day when students might benefit from enhancing or reinforcing curriculum skills independently.  Students may use these sites in lieu of classroom work already mastered. Sites include resources, tools, practice games and research links.

*indicates district objective

ALERT! These links will take you to sites outside the Nieman EL site. Nieman Enhanced Learning Center and the Shawnee Mission School District are not responsible for material linked to outside websites.   Students need to understand that conflicting information may be found on the Internet.  Teachers should visit all sites to make sure that they are appropriate for grade level learners in content and readability.

TEACHERS: If you find sites that you would like added to or removed from these lists just email

Reading and Language Arts

Online Magazines Online Books, Stories and Poetry Author's Sites Writing
Science and Health Social Studies Mathematics Math Extras Math "Games"
Science Extras Museums Fun Sites Manipulatives

Reading and Language Arts
*Expand Vocabulary

Language Arts Activities   After you choose the activity you want to do you will be asked to register.   Click on the button that says "Maybe Later". Choose an activity that is at you grade level or higher. Try the activities below.

Scrambled Stories
Word Search
Word Match
Word Builder
Alien Word Mine
Supernova Sentece Puzzles

Grammar Gorillas
Paint by Idioms
The Plural Girls
Word Confusion
Rooting Out Words
Prefix Catch
Fake Out!

What's the Word?
Word Confusion
Stay Afloat
Alphabet Games
Vocabulary Games

Online Magazines
*Read fluently at grade level
*Read self-selected materials
*Apply reading strategies

National Geographic Explorer
Time Magazine for Kids
Sports Illustrated for Kids
Consumer Reports 4 Kids

Scholastic News
Science News for Kids

Online Books, Stories and Poems
The Adventures of Banph
Bunyips: Aboriginal Stories from Australia 
Fletcher Hill Stories
Giggle Poetry
Brothers Grimm
Peetnik Mysteries

Famous People Read Stories

Author's Sites
Magic Schoolbus
Beverly Cleary
Judy Blume's Home Base
Brian Jacques Official Site
Harry Potter Homepage
Roald Dahl
Lemony Snicket 

*Apply the writing process
*Use different modes of writing for different purposes

*Use characteristics of all six traits writing
Creative Writing Prompts
Wacky Web Tales
Stationary for Your Writing

*Use and interpret graphs, charts and tables
Tables and Graphs
Create A Graph 

Science and Health

*Design and conduct a simple experiment
Science Fair Central

All Science Fair Projects

*Collect and record data using the appropriate measurement tools, tables and graphs
Tables and Graphs
Create A Graph 

*Classify objects by more than one property
Classifying Objects
Classifying Objects #2
Shape Sorter
Color, Shape and Size

*Interpret daily weather data
Weather for Kids
School Day Weather
Interesting Weather Facts
The Disaster Area

*Compare various types of soil
Soil Biological Communities
SK Worm Answers Your Questions About Soil and Stuff
Soil Science Education Page

*Discuss ways to conserve natural resources
Wildlife Conservation Society
Smokey Bear
Earthcare Stories

*Research causes and prevention of land and water pollution
Pollution Coloring Books
Environmental Kids Club

*Identify programs that involve recycling
Recycle City
The World's Shortest Comprehensive Recycling Guide

*Experiment with sound
Sound Site
Energy in the Air
Sonic Boom
Sounds Amazing

*Understand digestion is chemical and physical
The Real Deal on the Digestive System
Your Digestion System
Digestive System

*Research various adaptation of animals
Animal Adaptation
Desert Animal Adaptation

*Discuss how the immune system works
How Your Immune System Works
The Immune System

Science Extras
Science Mysteries
The NASA Science Files
NASA Space Place
Cloud Clues
National Geographic for Kids
Try Science
Sim Science


Particle Adventure

Acme Virtual Detective Agency

Cool Science for Curious Kids

Sports Science

Social Studies

*Describe the cultural aspects of the local community, metropolitan Kansas City, any world city, and Washington, D.C.: geography, customs, language, history, government, and economics. 
History of Kansas City Mo
Kansas City Museum
Kansas City Royals
Kansas City Chiefs
Negro Leagues Baseball Museum
The Nelson Atkins Museum

Welcome to Kid's Capital
Virtual Tour of the National Mall
World Almanac for Kids Washington DC

*Identify and evaluate landforms and bodies of water (e.g., mountains, plains, islands, peninsulas, rivers, oceans) on maps and globes. 
Physical Features Game
Landform Atlas of the United States
Types of Land

*Explain and identify the primary function of the executive, legislative, and judicial branches of the city and federal government. 
Branches of Government
The White House
The White House for Kids


*Apply a variety of strategies to solve problems, including (but not limited to) drawing pictures, using manipulatives, role playing, making a list, using T-Charts and finding patterns. 
Aunty Math
Brain Binders
Math Plane and Simple
Quest for the Bridge
Problem Solving from the Franklin Institute
Mystery Master

*Translate a given word problem into an equation involving addition, subtraction, or multiplication
Solving Math Word Problems
Word Problems
Math Cats (choose Alley Cat, Leopard or Tiger)
Disaster Math

*Construct Venn Diagrams with 2 circles. 
Shape Sorter
Shape Sorter 2
Triangle Sort

*Use appropriate mathematical notation (>, <, =) to compare values of whole numbers, fractions with like denominators and decimals using tenths and hundredths. 
Comparing Numbers
Comparing Fractions
Greater Than or Less Than?

*Use multiple representations for whole numbers and money. (i.e., 10 is 2*5, 5 + 5, 4 + 2; $1.00 is 100 pennies, 4 quarters) 
Money Games
How Many Cents?

*Use estimation, including front-end with adjustment, on whole numbers, to determine approximate solutions in addition, subtraction, and multiplication.  
Estimation Practice
Estimation of Length
Estimation Game

*Know by memory multiplication facts 0*0 to 12*12. 
Quick Flash
Batter’s Up Baseball
Timed Flashcards
Practice Multiplication Facts

*Add and subtract whole numbers with and without regrouping. 
Line Jumper
Power Football

*Multiply 1 digit by 3 digit numbers.
Multiplication Practice

*Solves problems of elapsed time using calendar or clock, including a.m. and p.m. 
Telling Time
Time Activities (choose an activity from the correct section)
Clock Race
Time Clock

*Identify and distinguish between parallel and intersecting lines and right angles. 
Online Geoboards
Click on the Activities button to try some activities using your interactive Geoboard.

*Identify and describe pentagons, hexagons, octagons, trapezoids and rhombi. 
Shape Sorter Tool
Investigating the Concept of Triangle and Properties of Polygons: Creating Polygons
Geometry of the Ancients
Perimeter and Areas of Polygons

*Determine and properly label the length, width, area and perimeter of a given rectangle. 
Area of a Rectangle
Shape Surveyor

*Identify and draw lines of symmetry on a figure. 
Line Symmetry 

*Read and interpret data displayed on pictograph, bar, line or circle graphs; charts and tables. 
Tables and Graphs
Create A Graph

Pattern Blocks

Math "Games”
Cool Math
Simon Says
Metropolis: Game of Percent, Decimals and Fractions
Interactive Games
Magnetic Numbers  


American Museum of Natural History 
The Field Museum
Boston Museum of Science

Articulation Art Attacks

Fun Sites

How Stuff Works
Digital Films
City Creator

Brain Pop videos

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